My Writing Niche (podcast): Episode #6: Nanowrimo - Week One!

November 1, 2010

My Writing Niche (podcast): Episode #6**

In this episode, I discuss starting out on your month long adventure, silencing your inner editor, and the importance of snack foods.

Also if you would be interested in being my ‘Writing Buddy’ on the Nanowrimo site, my account there is also under the name ‘ganymeder.’



found at and also

– Nanowrimo


Hope that some of you were able to go to Kick off parties or any meetups!

Fun strategies: word wars, taking dares from the Dares thread on the Nanowrimo forums, bragging so as to shame yourself into winning!

Word goals - remember to do what you can according to your lifestyle.

Snacking while writing - great idea!

Don't forget to treat yourself.

Don't forget about Twitter, Flicker, and Facebook groups for Nanowrimo!

Editing is your enemy.

*Warning: Some slight profanity used.


-Ernest Hemmingway said, “The First Draft of Anything is Shit.”

I hope this helps you. Now I need to get back to writing my own Nanowrimo! Good luck!

BONUS LINK: Cool article about finding time to write when you don't have a lot of spare time. *image courtesy of hiddedevries via Flicker.

**The podcast may be downloaded from the linked site or (for now) from the Ganymeder writing blog. I am currently researching domains to host the podcast. Thank you for your patience.


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