My Writing Niche (podcast): Episode #4 Pre-Nano Planning, Meetups and Finding Time**

October 17, 2010

My Writing Niche (podcast): Episode #4**

In this episode, I discuss Pre-Nano Planning, Meetups and Finding Time

Also if you would be interested in being my ‘Writing Buddy’ on the Nanowrimo site, my account there is also under the name ‘ganymeder.’



found at and also

Brothers, my 52/250 flash and #SpokenSunday

Preparing for Nanowrimo


- Read No Plot! No Problem! up to the point where it starts the weekly pep talks

- School projects on hold because multiple field trips

- Butler Museum of American Art - inspirational

- Nanowrimo is optional so using as incentive for focusing on school

-Prewritten flash to be posted during the month so not distracted by separate story

- most of the tech research on hold while sorting out field trips and new phone

-Smart phone as tool, Galaxy S, notebook app, built in voice recorder, email, and  swype keypad that will help for Nanowrimo because very fast

-Write and Go app

-Have not written more on my summary and list of characters (no outline yet).

- Squeezing blood from an orange - extra time found while doing Nanowrimo

- Meetup

- discussed plots, brainstorming, introductions, and zombies

- Massillon zombie walk

- Twitter and my Twitter profile

*image courtesy of hiddedevries via Flicker.

**The podcast may be downloaded from the linked site or (for now) from the Ganymeder writing blog. I am currently researching domains to host the podcast. Thank you for your patience.


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