My Writing Niche #3: Spoken Sunday, Pre-Nano ramblings and Plotting versus Pantsing**

October 10, 2010

My Writing Niche (podcast): Episode #3**

In this episode, I discuss a bit more about some tools recommended by listeners, as well as strategy when preparing for November’s temporary insanity. The value of local meetups is stressed, with reference to this past Saturday’s 1st Pre-Nanowrimo meetup.  Unfortunately, as I feared, my phone died so this podcast was recorded from my laptop using Audacity. I’m learning, and tech support worked very hard so that I could post this before Midnight on Sunday (in time for #Spoken Sunday).

Also if you would be interested in being my ‘Writing Buddy’ on the Nanowrimo site, my account there is also under the name ‘ganymeder.’



–  52/250 Flash Fiction Challenge

Unseen, my 52/250 flash and #Spoken Sunday


Preparing for Nanowrimo


- Trying to clear schedule before November (strategy)

- Finish reading novels  already started

- Plan with my son, Monsterbat, by reading No Plot! No Problem!, setting up our Nanowrimo profiles, clearing big school projects before November (Legos and Fall Portfolio), seeking out our prizes for winning.

-Prewriting flash to be posted during the month so not distracted by separate story,

putting longer short story on hold til December

-submitted and queried stories so will not worry about needing to submit anything in November

-Started writing a short summary and list of characters (no outline yet), Monsterbat has an idea that he’s thinking about ‘pantsing.’ We had a discussion about what it means to ‘pants.’

Tech Tools (continued)

-one more tech tool, Storybook, suggested by The_MOW (via Twitter)

-IceMirror recommended via FutureNostalgic (Sam)

-and YWriter5

“My application of choice is yWriter5. I like how it encourages you to write in scenes and has other tools attached to keep track of which scene goes where and where your characters are in relation to what you’re writing at the time. It’s completely free and also comes in a portable version so you can always carry your work with you if you need to move between computers. I tend not to use online backups, so my backup app of choice is IceMirror – another freeare app, very easy to set up and quick to use.”

Today’s Topic: Pre-Nanowrimo Meetups and Planning versus Pantsing



-Pros and Cons

-Local Nanowrimo meetups, beloved MLs, fellow Wrimos

—met local 1st time wrimo from writers’ guild, talked about tips, strategies, possible plots of different members, brainstormed.

*image courtesy of hiddedevries via Flicker.

**The podcast may be downloaded from the linked site or (for now) from the Ganymeder writing blog. I am currently researching domains to host the podcast. Thank you for your patience.


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  • Tom Allman

    Very nice! I don’t think that I can do NaNoWriMo this year though. I’m having a hard time just coming up with a 1400 word article for Kobold. I have to find a space were I’m comfortable and free of distractions. If I get a job by the end of the month It might be possible. Best of Luck.

    Oct 10, 2010 at 11:28 pm